Highlights of the 2013 Edition
Check out the 10 highlights of TranspoQuip Latin America 2013, featuring high quality visitors and a large number of signed contracts.

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The 7th Edition of TranspoQuip Latin America, the leading event for highway, railway, port and airport infrastructure, will take place from October 28-30, 2014, at the Red Pavilion of Expo Center Norte.

Ortobras celebrates successful trade fair participation
"These three days have been very positive for us. We made a large number of contacts with partners, suppliers and potential customers...",states Alexia Ihle, Business Development Manager

Brazil airports need US$24bn investments by 2020 - Abear
Brazil's government, along with the private sector, needs to invest up to 57bn reais (US$24bn) in airport infrastructure improvement and expansion projects by 2020.

Foreign investment in Brazil takes off with Rio airport bid
On November 22nd Changi of Singapore and Odebrecht of Brazil won a $19bn ($8.3bn) bid to operate Rio de Janeiro’s Carlos Jobim International Airport (Galeão) in a consortium with state-owned operator Infraero.

Event Description

Expo Airport is a pavilion focused on infrastructure for airports. The first steps have been made to privatize the Brazilian airports, which will generate many opportunities for companies in the industry. Brazil auctioned concessions for three federal airports in 2012: Viracopos (Campinas), Guarulhos (São Paulo) and the international airport in Brasília. Up next are the international airports Confins (Belo Horizonte) and Galeão (Rio de Janeiro).

Also, with the race to upgrade facilities and get ready for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Brazil is committed to infrastructural projects. Approximately US$ 2 billion will be invested in host city projects over the next four years. Already announced projects include building new airports, modernizing terminals and creating new runaways.

The sector is on the move and by including a designated pavilion; the airport industry receives the attention it deserves at TranspoQuip 2014. Expo Airport covers a broad range of airport issues, aiming to represent this varied industry in its entirety. It covers the vast array of terminal operations, ground support equipment and handling, airfield architecture and construction and interior design and furnishing.

"We believe the Airport Expo is a great opportunity to broaden our discussions on improving services, equipment and airport infrastructure as a whole."

Jaime Parreira, Engineering Director